About Predisys

Progress through Continuous Innovation

At Predisys our goal is to provide the best software applications and solutions to cost- and quality conscious manufacturers. We complement that with first-class professional services and support teams to ensure our customers' ongoing and sustained success and accelerated user adoption.

We specialize in developing Quality Control, Test Data Management and Manufacturing Business Intelligence software applications based on statistical (SPC) principles. We pride ourselves in enabling  continuous improvement and productivity gains by optimizing product, people, equipment and processes.

Since 1996 Predisys has turned massive plant floor databases into relevant real-time and historical actionable information, helping engineers and executives focus on the key issues in their manufacturing facilities that ultimately improve product quality, accelerate new product launches and drive performance gains.

Predisys has enjoyed success in many manufacturing industries including: automotive, medical device, semiconductor, high-tech and electronic. Today our solutions are used by manufacturers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner our technology builds upon and extends Microsoft technologies. Predisys was an early adopter of the Microsoft SharePoint, and was the first company to launch a native SharePoint application for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Advanced Engineering Analysis in 2003. Today, Predisys also provides web centric statistical process control software for other Microsoft products including Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and Microsoft Excel.  Since 2016, Predisys has also provided various applications on a SaaS (Software as a Service)  basis in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Through Microsoft's familiar Azure, SharePoint, SQL Server and Office products, Predisys provides robust and innovative quality control applications that can be leveraged across organizational and geographical boundaries. By taking advantage of this integrated system, manufacturers can finally make informed decisions that will improve quality and competitiveness, and positively impact the bottom line.