Case: Valmet

Building a car is no small task and the amount of data needed during the manufacturing process is staggering. Predisys and Valmet Automotive first came into contact in 1997 when the implementation and integration of QualityCOACH, the Predisys quality analysis and control software, was started. The first manufacturing area in the factory to be harnessed with QualityCOACH was the body shop, followed by the paint shop, final audit and as of 2001, the assembly line.

Data on demand

Valmet Automotive takes the high quality of the cars produced at the Uusikaupunki factory very seriously. Throughout the different processes, Valmet Automotive has quality inspection points that evaluate each car according to the high standards required by the car manufacturers. The data collected during each quality inspection is meticulously recorded into QualityCOACH through computers and hand-held devices. This information is then available throughout the factory, online, precise and error-free.

Information is needed every step of the way

Collecting information into the Predisys QualityCOACH system covers the entire production process at Valmet Automotive. Stored in the factory’s central database, all data can be retrieved according to the needs of each QualityCOACH user. Team members on the factory floor can check all work and any extra information given on each car. Car-specific information can be retrieved according to body number and inspected for quality figures from along the production line. “Predisys QualityCOACH helps us eliminate the root cause of defects. This speeds up the manufacturing process”, says Markku Tuominen, Production Area Manager.

Management uses QualityCOACH to follow quality trends and to look at production during a longer time frame for a more in-depth analysis of production. Specified graphs are drawn out of the system on a regular basis and discussed in team meetings. Quality targets are reviewed in predefined time-frames to visualize emerging trends and areas of development.

Transparency among partners

The use of information retrieved from QualityCOACH does not stop at the factory gates. Valmet Automotive believes in a transparent and open relationship with their partners. Hence the car manufacturers outsourcing to Valmet Automotive receive precise data of the manufacturing process on a weekly basis, but also tailored information when so needed.

Porsche is one of the car manufacturers that have contracted part of the manufacturing of the Porsche Boxster to Valmet Automotive. Hans-Stefan Heimberger, Project Manager Quality for Porsche AG says, “Predisys QualityCOACH gives us the information we need in a compact and easy-to-read format. It is a real tool in preventing negative trends.”

Valmet Automotive: Precision in car manufacturing

Valmet Automotive is an independent car manufacturer in Finland. Valmet Automotive supplies system services from design and engineering to manufacturing, mastering the whole process from initial concept to production. Valmet Automotive has 30 years of experience in building high-quality cars for demanding customers worldwide. The Uusikaupunki factory currently specializes in two types of convertibles with both hard and soft tops. The annual number of cars manufactured is 38 500 (2000). The highly scalable production process in Uusikaupunki can double that number if needed.

Valmet Automotive has been Predisys’ customer since 1997, when work was started to integrate Predisys QualityCOACH into the body shop portion of the Uusikaupunki factory. The system is actively used as a tool for customer reporting and information exchange between different departments in the factory. Presently, Predisys QualityCOACH covers the body shop, painting, final assembly and one of the most important quality feedback areas, final audit of the car.

Porsche AG is one of the car manufacturers that have contracted part of the manufacturing of the Porsche Boxster to Valmet Automotive. Porsche receives periodic reports from Predisys QualityCOACH, ensuring transparent and open communication that is a hallmark between Valmet Automotive and Porsche AG.