Advanced SPC

Over the years, Statistical Process Control (SPC) has proven to be an effective method for the early detection and prevention of problems.  But despite the obvious benefits that SPC brings many organizations have not yet reaped the full benefits offered by the methodology.

Predisys Analytical Suite makes it easier than ever before for organizations to use SPC methodology and tools to improve product quality, processes and quality management while reducing scrap and operating costs.

Unlike other SPC solutions, Predisys Analytical Suite is built for demanding enterprise use. Instead of a simple, single-user PC based system Predisys offers a modern high-performance, scalable and feature-rich system for use across multiple locations, organizations and organizational functions.

Solid SPC and Statistical Foundation

Predisys Analytical Suite is built upon a solid statistical and mathematical foundation. The solution can be used to automatically calculate an extensive set of statistical indices, such as process capability and performance indices, and comes with a wide array of control charts and other charts.

The solution enables you to monitor simple processes with a few parameters, as well as complex process with hundreds or even thousands of parameters.  And due to the to the additional support for various statistical distributions types, data-transformations and more advanced features such as principal component analysis (PCA), binary logistic regression and Hotelling T Squared , our customers can analyze and visualize virtually any process with the Predisys solution.

Complete and Consistent Process Support

Predisys Analytical Suite provides the complete and consistent solution you need to monitor your processes.  The solution allows enables our customers to:

  • COLLECT data from virtually any source
  • MONITOR quality in real time and get alerted on process changes
  • SHARE the information with relevant parties
  • IMPLEMENT improvements

Collect Data from Virtually Any Source

Predisys Analytical Suite can be set up to accept data from virtually any data source, including text files, test systems, serial devices,  commercial data bases, MES and ERP Systems, as well as from Microsoft applications such as Excel, Access, and SharePoint.

Predisys Analytical Suite is amazingly flexible and data can be fetched manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically at specified intervals or on demand.

Easy and Flexible Configuration and Customization

Due to its modern web architecture Predisys Analytical Suite offers unprecedented customization and the system can be set up exactly to your liking, from simple single product view for machine operators, to complex multivariable process views for engineers.

Owing to its advanced native support for Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server, Reporting Services (SSRS) and Microsoft Office, Predisys Analytical Suite is more flexible and adaptable than any other product on the market today. This allows you to set up the system in the optimal way for  your company and processes.

Monitor Manufacturing Processes in Real-Time

Using a standard web browser users, such as machine operators and quality engineers, can easily monitor manufacturing processes. All key information is instantly available to them through concise visual reports on their displays.

Exception Reporting and Alarms Generation

Predisys Analytical Suite also offers automatic supervision of the manufacturing process. Once predetermined conditions (SPC Rules) are met users will automatically be alerted through e.g. visual alarms or e-mails.  This alarm process is a user-configurable work-flow and can easily be adapted to the needs of virtually any organization.

Annotation and Corrective Actions

To ensure that right information is available for corrective actions, Predisys Analytical Suite allows the users to annotate any point or event on an SPC chart data.  This facility enables the users to easily share their comments and observations with colleagues, and ensure that precious information is not lost but made available for further preventive actions.