Predisys Data Management Module

In today's world, more and more data is created  during the lifecycle of a product, and particularly during the actual manufacturing process.   While data may be useful in its native form, the information hidden in the data is seldom utilized to the max due to the difficult and time-consuming task of manually organizing and analyzing the data.

Traditionally businesses have not had a standardized way of collecting, storing and managing quality data. This has led to the implementation of incompatible and inflexible systems, which do not give real-time access to data or analyses, nor provide adequate support for users  across the enterprise, but rather rely on reports prepared manually, which is expensive, time-consuming and prone to errors.


Predisys Data Collection Module makes it easier than ever for manufacturers to implement a standardized, department or corporate-wide data collection and data management system.

Unlike other SPC solutions Predisys Analytical Suite is built for demanding enterprise use.  Instead of a simple, single-user PC based system Predisys offers a modern high-performance, scalable and feature-rich system for use across multiple locations and organizational functions. The systems allows contract manufacturers and other external parties to take part effortlessly and securely, thus providing improved supply chain visibility and quality management.

Features & Benefits

  • Based on a standard Microsoft integration platform.
    The product is built upon and extends a standard Microsoft platform already in use at most  organizations today.
  • Based on open, industry standards.
    Includes support for XML, and the latest standards such as OLEDB, ODBC, Web Services and Microsoft .Net.
  • Optimized for high data volumes.   
    Flexible data models ensures that even large data volumes can be supported
  • Scalable
    The product builds upon and extends SQL Server , which provides a cost-effective, robust and scalable infrastructure.
  • Flexible and Self-Organizing Data-models
    New parts and processes can be added without any need for programming or configuration
  • Fast deployment
    The module is a proven model and allows for fast deployment  with minimal impact on IT and Quality departments.
  • Manageability:
    The module provides a intuitive and comprehensive user interface that gives the users full overview of what the system does. 
  • Value and governance for IT
    By building upon standard components already familiar to corporate IT organizations, productivity is ensured.           
  • Speed and flexibility for the business
    The data module can be installed and configured in days or weeks (rather than months or years)  providing immediate value to the business.  
  • Security and scalability  of a platform built for the enterprise
    Built upon a standard Microsoft platform ensure suitability for even the most demanding enterprises. 
  • Lower Total-Cost-of Ownership
    By providing a standard, proven  solution based on a standard Microsoft platform  already in use in most organizations, Predisys ensures better utilization of existing IT infrastructure and thus a lower TCO.