Predisys SPC for Excel

Predisys SPC for Microsoft Excel provides an exciting new way to access and use the Advanced SPC and Quality Data Analytics functionality of Predisys Analytical Suite

The Predisys solution for Microsoft Excel allows you to submit spreadsheet data to the Predisys Analytical Suite server for SPC and statistical analysis. Upon completion, the resulting control charts, statistical indices and summaries and other data are returned to Excel where you can easily reformat and rearrange it to gain new insight.

Alternatively, Predisys SPC for Microsoft Excel can also be used to access shared corporate datasources and predefined SPC analyses. 

Analyze your data with familiar tools.

Using the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel enables end users to directly query data from virtually any data source, including relational, multidimensional, XML, and ODBC data sources and then quickly, intuitively and transparently let the Predisys Analytical Suite server perform the SPC analysis, draw control charts and calculate statistical indices.

Rich SPC capabilities

The software provides the report developer with a full array of SPC control charts and statistical indices for use in reports.  All charts and statistics are automatically calculated by the robust and proven Predisys SPC and Statistical Engine, allowing the report developer to focus on data sources and report layout rather than complex, non-trivial SPC and statistical calculations.

Accelerate SPC report creation

The combined power of Microsoft Excel and Predisys Analytical Suite provides an intuitive environment that enables engineers and quality professionals to quickly analyze data from their test systems and to display the results visual and numerically with Predisys' ready-made control charts and results tables.

Get more value from existing tools and skills.

Unlike other statistical process control software products, Predisys SPC for Microsoft Excel allows you to use existing tools and skills rather than forcing your IT people to learn and support yet another proprietary tool.

Features and benefits:

  • Allows users utilize a familiar tool to access, transform, analyze  and visualize their quality data quickly and easily with SPC and statistical methods
  • Quick time to value with easy setup and minimal configuration
  • Robust and proven SPC and statistical engine
  • Enables systematic application and enforcement of  corporate SPC and quality standards.
  • Better accessibility to data
  • Increased agility and flexibility
  • Increased team collaboration with faster  information sharing
  • Facilitates effective root cause analysis
  • Facilitates custom reporting
  • Easy integration with other production and quality data