Quality Data Analytics

Quality Data Analytics is a unique combination of flexible online database query and browsing capabilities and advanced statistical analysis tools in one uniform, browser based analysis environment.

Quality Data Analytics allows you to visually and numerically explore and analyze manufacturing quality data to:

  • maximize insight into the data
  • uncover underlying structure
  • extract important variables
  • understand relations and correlations between variables
  • detect outliers and anomalies
  • test assumptions
  • try out new specifications and control limits
  • determine optimal tolerance settings

The power of Quality Data Analytics is its ability to discover unexpected insights hidden in the company's vast historical and real-time manufacturing databases and to immediately identify problem areas or new opportunities for improvement.

To provide the biggest impact and highest return on investment, Quality Data Analytics should be made available to manufacturing, quality and development organizations.

Additionally the tools should be intuitive and visual in order to facilitate being used by employees without a deep understanding of the applied statistics and maths, and not only limited to the dedicated use by a few statisticians in the quality organization.