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Explore Predisys® Analytical Suite.


"Ever since Predisys was deployed at the Nousiainen factory, the yield in the mass production line has improved dramatically and already given a five time payback to the investment."

Jouni Lehtinen - Factory Director

Predisys® Analytical Suite


Predisys Analytical Suite is the ideal solution for helping manufacturers understand and control manufacturing processes, improve product quality, reduce operating costs and for increasing manufacturing visibility through Advanced SPC and Quality Data Analytics.


In addition, Predisys Analytical Suite is the perfect software tool to complement Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), and other continuous improvement methodologies.

The feature rich application suite provides the right level of interface and information to the plant floor operator, as well as to users with demanding analytical needs, such as production, quality management and R&D engineers.

A New Approach to Statistical Process Control

While Predisys Analytical Suite offers a comprehensive set of control charts and statistical tools for statistical process control (SPC) and advanced statistical engineering analysis, it offers significant additional benefits for users, system managers and ÍT-departments.

Predisys Analytical Suite has been designed as a modern rich web application for the internet generation. The robust server-based solution features centralized data storage and a scalable architecture that allows our customers to add additional applications and computing power as their business require.  This architecture adds flexibility, significantly lowers the total cost of ownership and provides the most intuitive and user-friendly system on the market today.

Predisys Analytical Suite is the first enterprise-class statistical process control solution built for the modern web-centric world. The suite offers a cost-effective and comprehensive set of applications for statistical quality improvement, providing SPC, analytical, customization and ease-of-use features not found in other software packages.

A Cost-Effective, Robust Foundation

In addition to providing a cost-effective and robust foundation for the Predisys applications, the Microsoft platform facilitates collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supplies access to information that is essential to organizational goals and processes.


Together, Predisys Analytical Suite and the Microsoft platform (incl. the optional SharePoint) provide unrivalled opportunities for manufacturers who want to go beyond traditional entry-level statistical analysis and fully embrace modern, extendable analytical and IT technology for significantly improved quality control at reduced costs.

Future-Proof Modular Solution

Predisys Analytical Suite is a comprehensive, modular application suite for cost- and quality conscious manufacturers providing:


Statistical Process Control


Advanced Statistical Analytical Tools


Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R)


Multivariate SPC

For manufacturers seeking further improvement Predisys Analytical Suite can be extended with the Predisys BHR solution or Predisys Quality Management System.


Predisys® Analytical Suite

The advanced Predisys solutions provide unrivaled opportunities for manufacturers who want to go beyond the traditional siloed applications architecture and fully embrace modern IT technology for significantly improved quality control at reduced costs. 


Predisys Analytical Suite

Real-time Statistical Process Control & Advanced Quality Data Analytics. This solution is provided either as an on-premise solution or in Azure Cloud as a Managed Application.

Add-On Modules


Predisys Data Management Module

This is a centralized quality data management platform for global enterprises. The solution provides data collection interfaces for manual, semiautomatic and fully automated data collection from various instruments, test systems, automation equipment and IIoT devices. It provides a complete quality planning module for managing products, inspection processes and specifications. Its high-performance data query capabilities allow real time ad-hoc statistical data analytics with very large data sets.


Predisys Reporting for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)

A comprehensive SPC, statistical reporting solution for Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. This application is an ideal solution of Certificate of Analysis, Process Capability Reports, Batch Summary Reports and any custom reports needed by Quality teams, customers or internal manufacturing teams.


Predisys Embedded SPC

A comprehensive SPC & Quality Data Analytics solution for building custom and embedded SPC applications using Microsoft Visual Studio.


Predisys Multivariate SPC

A comprehensive Multivariate SPC and statistics add-on to Predisys Analytical Suite.


Predisys Measurement Systems Analysis (Gage R&R)

A robust and highly automated MSA (Gage R&R) add-on to Predisys Analytical Suite.


The new paradigm is here.

Join quality leaders worldwide in trusting Predisys with your road to Data Driven Quality.

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