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Don't Choose, Have Both with Predisys®.


“New web-based quality tool that collects, analyses and reports process data has resolved a soldering bottleneck on a production line at the drives factory in Helsinki. Defects and process interruptions have more than halved.”

Tuukka Lintula - Quality Manager


A unique set of capabilities

Predisys combines an Enterprise-grade Statistical Process Control solution with an advanced environment for Quality Data Analytics. This unique solution can scale to an unlimited number of manufacturing sites throughout the supply chain, globally.

With an analytical Data mart in its core, Predisys allows easy and secure real-time access to real-time quality data. It includes an integrated, fully web-based statistical analysis environment for users in all areas of organization, starting from simple univariate statistics extending to more advanced tools, such as Measurement System Analysis and Multivariate Statistics. All of these applications connect with live quality data and are directly linked with SPC applications using intuitive and easy to use drill downs.

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See more product details in Azure Marketplace:

Predisys Analytical Suite – Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Data Mesh Opportunity:


Business Intelligence, Analytics and AI platforms have traditionally been built and supported by corporate IT and Data Scientist organizations. In modern manufacturing these highly skilled teams often lack the domain expertise needed for understanding the data streaming from plant floor systems, its context, business rules, aggregated metrics or analytical tools needed by the production, engineering and quality teams. In order to make analytical tools useful for individual organizations, these “data products” need to be specified, configured and maintained by the people with manufacturing and quality background who are the best experts in their own domain.


This is the challenge from which a new data engineering strategy has recently emerged – Data Mesh.


Predisys Analytical Suite is first of its kind, Azure Cloud-based, Data Mesh for the global manufacturing industry.


A solution that fits like a glove.

The Predisys Solution is fully configurable to specific manufacturing industries and comes with a number of out-of-the-box design templates such as high-tech, electronics assembly, automotive body shop, paint, and final trim, medical devices, serialized as well as batch processes, general assembly or component manufacturing, automated test and manual or semiautomatic inspection. In addition, solution templates include support for technical requirements in FDA CFR Title 21 Part 11 when managing electronic records in regulated Health Care manufacturing.

Built on a true Enterprise Architecture.


Predisys solution is based on native Azure PaaS Cloud architecture offering ease of governance and unparallel security for the corporate IT while allowing local configuration, administration and user support at the local manufacturing site level and in corporate quality. User access and user experience with the solution is seamless as it integrates with all other corporate IT systems, including Azure AD, Office 365, PowerAutomate and Microsoft Teams.


The new paradigm is here.

Join quality leaders worldwide in trusting Predisys with your road to Data Driven Quality.

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