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Acquire, Aggregate and Analyze in Real-Time


“Having all needed data in the database, where everyone can access it, has freed work capacity on the shop floor to the actual production process and away from the time-consuming bureaucracy of information retrieval and maintenance.”

Ilpo Korhonen VP Production

Predisys® Analytical Suite

This real-time Statistical Process Control & Quality Analytics solution is the flag ship offer from Predisys. This native cloud application is deployed in the Azure Cloud as a Managed Application.

Predisys Analytical Suite is the ideal solution for helping manufacturers understand and control manufacturing processes, improve product quality, reduce operating costs and for increasing manufacturing visibility through Advanced SPC and Quality Data Analytics.


In addition, Predisys Analytical Suite is the perfect software tool to complement Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, and other continuous improvement methodologies.

The feature rich application suite provides the right level of interface and information to the plant floor operator, as well as to users with demanding analytical needs, such as production, quality management and R&D engineers.

A New Approach to Statistical Process Control

While Predisys Analytical Suite offers a comprehensive set of control charts and statistical tools for statistical process control (SPC) and advanced statistical engineering analysis, it offers significant additional benefits for users, system managers and ÍT-departments.

The Predisys Analytical Suite™ is a native cloud application, deployable in a customer’s Azure tenant. By leveraging the Azure platform, Predisys is able to guarantee world class data security and performance and application scalability.

Customers can rapidly deploy the application throughout their enterprise as well as their supply chain with minimal IT support and unapparelled speed.


The Predisys Analytical Suite™ is the first enterprise-class statistical process control and quality data analytics solution, capable of providing both product and process insights in real-time.


The Predisys model ensures that customers data is both secure and also remains theirs from an ownership perspective. The combination of in system analytical features coupled with the ease of integration with a host of Microsoft application enables a level of quality insight unmatched in other quality or process applications.

A Cost-Effective, Robust Foundation

In addition to providing a cost-effective and robust foundation for the Predisys applications, the Microsoft platform facilitates a collaborative approach to SPC by amplifying alerts and notifications also found in the application and enabling a real-time team approach to corrective action and resolution. By leveraging the Teams platform, customers who utilize the Predisys Analytical Suite™ are assured that critical information is distributed to key stakeholders in real-time, providing unmatched awareness and visibility.

Together with Microsoft, Predisys is enabling manufacturers to go beyond traditional entry-level statistical analysis and embrace modern, extensible analytical tools capable of providing holistic visibility to quality and process inputs in real-time for significantly improved quality control at reduced costs.

Future-Proof Modular Solution

Predisys Analytical Suite is a comprehensive, modular application suite for cost- and quality conscious manufacturers providing:


Statistical Process Control


Advanced Statistical Analytical Tools


Measurement System Analysis (Gage R&R)


Multivariate SPC

Add-On Modules

Predisys Data Management Module

The Predisys Solution is built to sit on top of a solid centralized quality data management platform for global enterprises. It provides data collection interfaces for manual, semiautomatic and fully automated data collection from existing databases, instruments, automated test systems, automation equipment and IIoT/Edge devices. An integrated quality planning environment allows managing products, product versions, inspection processes, quality specifications, as well as product specific SPC rules. High-performance data query capabilities enable analytical work with very large data sets in near real time.


Predisys SPC Reports

A comprehensive statistical reporting extension for Microsoft Power Platform. This application is an ideal solution for corporate quality reporting, process capability and Gage R&R studies, Certificates of Analysis, Batch and Lot Summary Reports and any custom reports needed by quality teams, internal and external customers and suppliers. All reports have a web-based access and they can be fully customized to individual reporting needs. Predisys Analytical Suite™ comes with a library of existing report templates for various purposes, such as process/qualification, capability studies and Gage R&R. The reports can be automatically generated, printed into .pdf files and distributed over email to all stake holders.


Embedded SPC

A comprehensive SPC & Quality Data Analytics application for building customized and embedded SPC applications using Microsoft Visual Studio. Typical use cases are SPC application that are embedded into other manufacturing solutions such as MES, process dashboards, customized SCADA applications. The unique direct data access technology allows Predisys SPC software to directly connect with customers existing databases or big data cloud storages without a need to replicate any data into Predisys. This solution offer is ideal for ultra-rapid SPC deployments with minimal need for IT recourses and can also be used for prototyping more complex SPC solution implementations.

Predisys Multivariate SPC

Multivariate SPC and Analysis add-on to Predisys Analytical Suite™. This module is used for creating multivariate models using advanced statistics such as Principal Component Analysis and Hotelling T^2.

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Predisys Measurement Systems Analysis (Gage R&R)

A robust and highly automated MSA (Gage R&R) add-on to Predisys Analytical Suite™.


Predisys StatHammer™

StatHammer™ is a new generation predictive analytics tool for the Industrial IoT applications. It combines advanced Multivariate SPC with signal and spectrum analysis. Directly integrated with Azure IoT, advanced IoT devices and MEMS sensors it creates a unique new platform for building predictive, condition-based process controls. The ultimate goal of this new technology is to build superhuman senses into manufacturing processes and prevent quality issues before they happen.


Predisys® Products

Since 1996, Predisys has helped companies focus on the key issues in their manufacturing facilities improving their product quality, accelerating new product launches and driving performance gains.

Today, Predisys specializes in developing user-friendly software solutions for advanced statistical process control (SPC), quality control, quality data management and manufacturing business intelligence. The Predisys solutions are built upon the latest Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, Mission Critical Edge, Power BI, Power Platform and the Azure IoT Hub.

This offers several significant benefits:


Simplicity for end users

Users can leverage their familiarity with Microsoft 365 applications and web-centric environment for all their information-work activities, regardless of their role or task. Tight integration with corporate IT infrastructure allows secure and seamless access by using single-sign-on and multifactor authentication capabilities.


Value and governance for IT

IT only needs to support a single set of technologies to enable comprehensive capabilities across the enterprise.


Speed and flexibility for the business

Customize and extend the platform quickly and easily at a variety of levels from personalization to enterprise application development.


Security and scalability of a platform built for the enterprise

Corporate leadership and IT can rest assured that the strategic data collected to and managed in Predisys is secure as it always remains in customer’s own Azure tenant. Every solution is individually deployed for each customer as a PaaS application making it easy to allocate computing recourses on-demand.


The new paradigm is here.

Join quality leaders worldwide in trusting Predisys with your road to Data Driven Quality.

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