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Predisys Announces Predisys Analytical Suite™ Version 4

New release provides a rich, out-of-the-box set of integrated capabilities for advanced statistical process control (SPC) and quality data analytics on the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform for the enterprise.


Predisys Inc., a global provider of Quality Control and Quality Management solutions, today announced a new major version of Predisys Analytical Suite™. Version 4.0 introduces new advanced statistical process control and quality data analytics features, support for handheld tablets, mobile phones and for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 making Predisys Analytical Suite™ the perfect choice for demanding enterprise solutions. Predisys Analytical Suite™ is the first statistical process control solution for the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Through a high degree of automation, it helps speed up daily quality operations and processes, and provides easy access to actionable information across the enterprise. Using a web browser or MS Excel, the powerful, yet easy-to-use solution enables users to perform real-time SPC as well as advanced statistical engineering analyses. Predisys Analytical Suite™ generates detailed statistical views and provides real-time visibility for operators, engineers and quality managers to easily verify that products and processes meet quality and compliance requirements. The new version of Predisys Analytical Suite™ introduces a number of new functions and features, such as:

  • New rich client for online SPC

  • Improved SPC support for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS)

  • Full support for Microsoft Excel; users can now perform custom and predefined SPC analyses on spreadsheet data via the Predisys Plugin for MS Excel

  • Improved integrated facility for export of data to external programs, such as MS Excel

  • New “Intelligent Fetch” technology allows users to analyze datasets faster and more efficiently

  • New and improved triggering and alerting capabilities

  • Ability to set statistical characteristics, such as distribution and transformation, per part

  • Enhanced database-browser and drill-down capabilities

  • Improved database flexibility, including flexible access to meta- and annotations data stored in multiple databases.

  • Various UI and Performance improvements

  • New intuitive Dashboard features for easily conveying large amounts of process and measurement data

  • New UI features, including meter chart to display univariate and multivariate analysis results.

  • Significantly improved administration program

  • New integrated tool for System Performance Monitoring and Analysis used for monitoring and tuning of a Predisys Analytical Suite installations.

  • Support for the free Sharepoint 2010 Foundation edition.

  • Support for enterprise installations of SharePoint 2010, including the introduction of Predisys SPC computational nodes.

” This major release of Predisys Analytical Suite™ elevates our statistical process control (SPC) and analytics capabilities to a totally new level and gives our customers unrivalled insight to e.g. supplier quality, product quality, manufacturing and test, than ever before” said Ari Pihlajavesi, CEO of Predisys, Inc. “Unlike traditional SPC vendors, who rely on proprietary tools and platforms, Predisys exploits the standard, scalable Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and SQL Server platform. This facilitates unrivalled flexibility and expendability, less reliance on proprietary software tools, reuse of IT-skills across multiple projects and lower risks. This version continues to provide a higher functionality at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than other solutions. But more importantly, it allows companies to easily unlock the information in the quality and production data they collect.”

Predisys Analytical Suite™ v4.0 is available now from Predisys, Inc. and from its partners. Please visit for more information

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