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Predisys Hires Marketing and Technology Expert, Robert Fink, to Serve as Executive Vice President


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Marketing and Technology Expert, Robert Fink, to Serve as Executive Vice President for the Americas

Andover, MA - - Predisys Inc., a global provider of quality control and analytics software, announced they have hired Robert Fink to serve as executive vice president for the Americas. The company, which has offices in Finland as well the U.S., specializes in developing quality control, data management, and analytics software solutions which enable manufacturers to make informed decisions that will improve product quality, increase productivity, and positively impact the bottom line.

In his role as executive vice president, Mr. Fink will drive the development and implementation of strategic sales and marketing initiatives for Predisys the Americas as well as interacting with the Predisys team in Europe. He will also oversee Predisys’s partnership with Microsoft, which is a key component of the company’s proprietary anaytical suite which is now transactable within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Mr. Fink will be working with MSFT account reps to market and promote the Predisys solution to prospective clients and MSFT clients.

“Rob’s background and experience in technology-driven companies enables him to understand wide-ranging business challenges and identify the best applicable solutions to solve and drive change,” said Ari Pihlajavesi, Predisys CEO and founder. “His ability to understand today’s business environment and needs will allow him to formulate strategic corporate strategies that provide organizational focus and drive innovation.”

“The work Predisys is doing in developing and implementing quality control systems is groundbreaking and I am so proud they have asked me to be a part of their team,” Fink stated. “Predisys has committed to a pro-active growth strategy that aligns with the delivery of value to our customers seeking secure and accurate technology solutions. This multi-faceted approach will increase user experience and enable them to access the full breadth and depth of our software platform.”

Robert Fink has deep expertise in problem resolution, specifically through the creation, customization, and deployment of technology to solve issues and vast experience in custom software development, sales, and support. Prior to joining Predisys, Mr. Fink served as chief growth officer for Surgere, an Ohio-based company specializing in IoT supply chain management. He previously served as the COO of a national service company, and was vice president of technology for Real Time Intelligence (RTI) where he managed a development team and served as the solution architect and sales lead.


Predisys’s unique combination of on-demand quality data analytics and enterprise-grade SPC in one solution is helping manufacturing, quality and product engineering teams proactively identify and prevent quality issues. The Predisys solutions represent a revolutionary new generation of cloud-based manufacturing solutions based on the Microsoft Azure platform, which facilitates collaboration, providing advanced analytics, automated quality processes, and access to real time information essential to product quality and process improvement. Their offer for medical device, diagnostics, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies supports technical requirements of FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 and facilitates a cost-effective, flexible, and surprisingly simple transition from paper-based records to a fully automated system for electronic management of inspection and quality data records and for product and lot traceability.

Predisys was founded in 1996 in Finland and their solutions have been employed in manufacturing plants across North America, Europe, and Asia. The company operates in U.S. with an office in Andover, MA, as well as in Finland. For more information, please visit

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