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Predisys Releases Predisys Analytical Suite™ Version 4.3

New release improves decision-making with an extensive array of SPC, analytical, and reporting capabilities and helps quality professionals to monitor and improve ever more complex products and processes.


Predisys Inc., a global provider of Quality Control and Quality Data Management solutions, today announced the release of Predisys Analytical Suite™ v4.3. The new version introduces new advanced statistical and analytical functionality as well as data collection and features that enable our customers to apply SPC and analytics to ever more complex networked supply chain environments.

Predisys Analytical Suite™ is the first truly web centric Statistical Process Control solution for the Microsoft platform. Through a high degree of automation, it helps speed up daily quality operations and processes, and provides easy access to actionable information across the enterprise. Using a web browser or MS Excel, the powerful, yet easy-to-use solution enables novice and proficient SPC users to monitor their production in real-time or to analyze historical data from a variety of sources. Predisys Analytical Suite™ generates detailed statistical views and provides real-time visibility for operators, engineers and quality managers to easily verify that products and processes meet quality and compliance requirements.

The new version of Predisys Analytical Suite™ introduces a number of new functions and features that strengthens Predisys position as the leading vendor of enterprise-class advanced SPC and quality data analytics solutions. The new functions and features include:

  • New data-collection module for manual and semiautomatic data collection

  • Extended Data Management Module for large volumes of test- and inspection data

  • Several enhancements and improvements to Predisys SPC for Microsoft Reporting Services (SSRS), making it the fastest and easiest tool to produce even complex web based SPC reports

  • A wide array of new statistical features such as:

    • Johnson Distribution, Johnson Transformation

    • Shapiro-Wilk normality test, Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit test

    • Process capability analysis and SPC charting for non-normal distributions

    • Extended statistical summary reporting

  • A full range of reporting capabilities from highly interactive and explorative web parts, to powerful operational report authoring and rendering environments for IT professionals and developers.

  • New rich interface for creating Online SPC dashboards

  • New interactive SharePoint web part features

  • Enhancements to the automatic monitoring & alerting server

  • Automatic long term reporting of yields, process capability or other key performance indicators.

  • Several new web services for SharePoint & Data Integration

  • Improved support for selecting and filtering data

  • Several Search, UI and Performance improvements

  • Improved installation and verification programs

  • Enhanced configuration wizard utility to ease and speed up configuration

  • Improved Support for MySQL & Oracle

  • Support for Microsoft SharePoint 2013

  • Support for Windows Server 2012

  • Support for IIS 8

  • Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1

  • Improved support for Authentication using Windows AD and LDAP

  • New and improved Microsoft SharePoint integration capabilities

”We are very pleased to release the new version of Predisys Analytical Suite which features a wide-array of new SPC, Statistical Reporting and Data Management capabilities”, said Ari Pihlajavesi, CEO of Predisys, Inc. “This version gives the quality professional powerful new analytical tools, and it provides the IT professionals a new high performance platform for integration with and management of vast amounts of product and process quality data in a centralized server environment. We have continued to bring innovative products to market, and the enhanced Predisys SPC for Microsoft Reporting Services is a good example hereof as it enables MS SQL Server report developers to quickly and easily add SPC functionality to existing reporting systems and databases and to bring immediate value to their business.”

Predisys Analytical Suite™ v4.3 is available now from Predisys and its partners. Please visit for more information.


Predisys specializes in developing quality control (incl. statistical process control), quality management and manufacturing business intelligence software applications which enable manufacturers to make informed decisions that will improve quality, increase productivity, and positively impact the bottom line. The Predisys solutions represent a revolutionary new generation of web-based manufacturing applications based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, which facilitate collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to information essential to organizational goals and processes. Predisys was founded in 1996 and its solutions are today employed across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information please visit

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