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Predisys Inc. Celebrates its 20th Birthday!


Predisys Inc., a global provider of Quality Control and Test Data Management software solutions, is today pleased to celebrate its 20th birthday. The company was founded in Finland in 1996, and initially operated in its domestic market, where it predominantly served companies in the booming Finnish telecommunications industry.

Today, 20 years later, Predisys operates globally and serves enterprises in many countries ranging from Australia, Brazil, and China to Sweden, Taiwan and the United States, and across multiple industries.

”The first 20 years has been exciting, interesting and fulfilling, and we now look forward to the next twenty years”, said Ari Pihlajavesi, CEO and Founder of Predisys. “We are extremely pleased to note that many of our customers from the ‘early days’ are still our customers, and that we have been able to repay the trust they customer placed in us, by growing our products and business to the extent that we today count some of the world largest and most successful automotive, electronics, medical devices and semiconductor companies as our customers.

“We look forward to continue to bring new innovative products and services to market, and to give our customers new professional powerful new analytical tools that will help them succeed in today’s competitive business environment” Mr. Pihlajavesi continued. “Our industry has undergone tremendous changes during the past twenty years, but so has Predisys and today we are well positioned to support our customers with modern “on-premise” and “cloud based” solutions” to help them continuously monitor and improve the performance and quality of their own plants as well as their global supply chain.

ABOUT PREDISYS Predisys specializes in developing quality control (incl. statistical process control), quality data management and manufacturing business intelligence software applications which enable manufacturers to make informed decisions that will improve quality, increase productivity, and positively impact the bottom line. The Predisys solutions represent a revolutionary new generation of web-based manufacturing applications based on the Microsoft Azure and SharePoint platform, which facilitate collaboration, provide content management features, implement business processes, and supply access to information essential to organizational goals and processes. Predisys was founded in 1996 and its solutions are today employed across North America, Europe and Asia. For more information please visit

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