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The Predisys Analytical Suite Is Now Fully MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment) Eligible!


Trina Kaye – The Trina Kaye Organization / 310-963-3964

We have always been proud of our partnership with Microsoft, and together have accomplished our vision of delivering a modern approach to SPC and quality data to manufacturers around the globe. We have taken yet another step with Microsoft that better enables our customer’s success. We are pleased to announce that the Predisys Analytical Suite is both transactable through the Azure Marketplace and now fully MACC-eligible.

The Predisys Analytical Suite is the first SPC and Quality Data Analytics platform to be fully integrated with Microsoft 365, able to be deployed leveraging Azure cloud computing services, and offered on the Azure marketplace. This was an intentional journey, as part of our mission is to make quality data understandable and accessible to everyone within a manufacturing organization.

Microsoft customers now have access to the most efficient way to purchase a Predisys Analytical Suite license through the Azure Marketplace and apply the purchase to their MACC commitment. This allows for peace of mind for Microsoft customer’s in their ability to ensure they meet their MACC commitments, and may accelerate volume discounts and further savings on their Microsoft investment.

Microsoft has helped make connectivity and collaboration ubiquitous through Azure cloud service, we have a similar vision as it pertains to quality data within the confines of a manufacturing organization. If quality is everyone’s responsibility, then the data necessary to move quality beyond conformity must be equally ubiquitous within an organization. By transaction the the Predisys Analytical Suite through the Azure Marketplace and deploying it in the Azure cloud, your organization can:

o Seamlessly deploy and access the most advanced quality data analytics and SPC software across your global supply chain.

o Improve security and compliance

o Potentially reduce costs through volume and advanced payment discounts

o Simplify vendor management

o Speed approvals through your organization and IT department

* MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment) is a pre-paid Azure subscription that allows customers to commit to a certain level of Azure usage for a specified period of time. Customers can enjoy discounted rates on their Azure usage and better manage their cloud costs while also gaining access to a powerful suite of quality management tools.

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